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Introduction to maximum likelihood and Bayesian statistics for ecologists (1-3 March 2017, iDiv)

By | February 27, 2017

The course is full. Here is syllabus with instructions. Complete raw codes (Markdown and R) and materials see the course's GitHub repository. DAY 1 Introduction: Course contents, pros and cons of Bayes, necessary skills. Normal distribution: Introducing likelihood on the Normal example. Poisson distribution: Likelihood maximization. Probability mass function. AIC and deviance. The Bayesian way… Read More »

Reproducible art with R

By | July 27, 2016

This is my tribute to the fantastic R package spatstat. All the artwork was 100% done in R, the source code is here. Click the images for hi-res (6000 x 4000) versions. License: This is a public domain work. Feel free to do absolutely whatever you want with the code or the images, there are… Read More »

Big-data spatio-temporal analyses using open source GIS software (29 June - 1 July, iDiv, Leipzig)

By | March 23, 2016

  The course is full. We are organizing a 3 day intensive course on open-source GIS high-performance analytical methods, with Giuseppe Amatulli (Yale University) as the main teacher, and Petr Keil (iDiv) as a teaching assistant. Date and place: 29 June - 1 July 2016, 'Red Queen' room, iDiv, Leipzig, Germany. Summary Over the past decade… Read More »

On soil larvae, Beverly Hills, passion, macroecology, and the problem of describing what I do

By | December 3, 2015

I have always found it difficult to explain my profession to people. For my bachelor degree I studied larvae of inconspicuous flies (Insecta: Diptera: Therevidae) in soils of remote forests of central Europe. About five people around the world have ever heard of these flies, but I did not care as I was passionately in… Read More »

Bayesian Biostatistics 2015

By | February 1, 2015

Authors: Petr Keil, Jan Smyčka This post contains materials for Bayesian stats course (2-4 Feb 2015 at Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic). The complete materials and their source codes (Markdown and R) are on my GitHub repository. The lectures can also be accessed directly as follows: DAY 1 Introduction: Course contents, pros… Read More »

The man in the academic arena

By | October 20, 2014

Lately I went through a couple of ordinary academic failures. I had one manuscript rejected in three statistical journals in a row. I had another one rejected in Science, PNAS and PLoS Biology in a prompt sequence. Interestingly, among all of the six submissions only Science actually sent it out for review (and then rejected).… Read More »

Center for Theoretical Study, Prague: more intense than ivy league

By | October 8, 2014

I have recently been lucky to relocate from Yale to Center for Theoretical Study in Prague, Czech Republic. The institute brings together philosophers, mathematicians, physicists, sociologists, economists, biologists and others; it is similar to Santa Fe Institute or Princeton Institute for Advanced Study, and its aim is to stimulate interdisciplinary approaches to science, encouraging new… Read More »

Is my brilliant idea any good? I am not sure, so I've pre-printed it on PeerJ

By | July 24, 2014

As a scientist, what should I do when I encounter a seemingly fundamental problem that also seems strangely unfamiliar? Is it unfamiliar because I am up to something really new, or am I re-discovering something that has been around for centuries, and I have just missed it? This is a short story about an exploration… Read More »

Bayesian Biostatistics 2014

By | February 2, 2014

This post contains materials for Bayesian stats course that I taught between 2-4 Feb 2014 at Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. There were around 40 participants. The complete materials and their source codes (Markdown and R) are on a GitHub repository. The lectures can also be accessed directly as follows (I recommend… Read More »

Do simple models lead to generality in ecology? Opinion of a simpleton

By | September 25, 2013

Evans et al. have a paper in Trends in Ecology and Evolution with this abstract: Modellers of biological, ecological, and environmental systems cannot take for granted the maxim ‘simple means general means good’. We argue here that viewing simple models as the main way to achieve generality may be an obstacle to the progress of… Read More »

Fast Conway's game of life in R

By | November 26, 2012

Here I demonstrate a simple way to code Conway's game of life (GoL) in R and to produce the animation above. Cellular automata in R are usually painfully slow if you iterate through all grid cells in an array. A couple of years ago my friend Martin Weiser came with an idea to avoid the… Read More »

On American competition

By | October 9, 2012

'Play hard and good things will happen.' (motto on the wall of Yale gym) An obvious aspect of US culture is the omnipresent accent on competition, ambitions and achievements. A common misconception is that America 'is all about money'. This is inaccurate – it is not money that matters. It is achievement, which can be… Read More »