Big-data spatio-temporal analyses using open source GIS software (29 June - 1 July, iDiv, Leipzig)

By | March 23, 2016



The course is full.

We are organizing a 3 day intensive course on open-source GIS high-performance analytical methods, with Giuseppe Amatulli (Yale University) as the main teacher, and Petr Keil (iDiv) as a teaching assistant. Date and place: 29 June - 1 July 2016, 'Red Queen' room, iDiv, Leipzig, Germany.


Over the past decade there has been an explosion in the availability of geographic data for environmental research, for both static and temporal analyses. Examples are remotely sensed data or large biodiversity databases. We are now able to tackle key ecological and environmental questions with unprecedented rigor and generality. Leveraging these data streams requires new tools and increasingly complex workflows. The course introduces a set of free and open source software (BASH, AWK ,GDAL, GRASS, R, Python, PKTOOLS, OFGT) for performing spatio-temporal analyses of big environmental data in Linux environment. We also introduce multi-core, cloud and cluster computation procedures.

See website of a sister course for more information.

How many participants?

Max 15


The course will take place in 'Red Queen' room at iDiv (Deutscher platz 5e, Leipzig, Deutschland).

What is the price and what do I get for it?

The price is 350 EUR per participant, and it covers: 20 hours of class training, student supervision, course auditing, course material, lectures, sample data and a USB flash drive inclusive of Linux Virtual Machine with all the software installed.

The price does not cover food and drinks -- the reason is that we prefer to offer a cheaper course with less catering, rather than fully catered but more expensive course (we'd have to raise the price to ~400 EUR to have catering).


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